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What is Black Box testing technique

Black Box testing technique includes going through the specifications. Black box testing does not require to go through or examine the software code or program. Black box testing require to be done from the customer’s view point. The QA engineer…
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What is White Box Testing

Each software product is made by a set of program code. White box testing is a method of testing the external functionality of the code by inspecting and testing the software program code which realizes the external functionality…
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What is integration testing

Any system is made using multiple components or modules which includes hardware part as well as software part. Integration means the set of interactions between all these components. And to test the interaction between these modules and to test the…
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What is Regression testing

Software is subjected to constant changes. These changes or modifications or additions should work as designed. Also, these modifications should not break the software which is already working. Regression testing is implemented to serve the two purposes mentioned.…
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Ad Hoc Testing — Overview

Ad Hoc Testing comes under unplanned testing type. Once the implemented software or system is understood completely, it gets too late. Thus the tese engineers do not get sufficient time to write or document detailed test documentation. Here comes the need for Ad-hoc testing which is based on detailed understanding achieved with the product…
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What is Usability testing

Usability testing is done from the users point of view. The 3 aspects considered in Usability testing are “Ease of use”, “Pleasantness and aesthetic” and “Speed”. It includes a set of techniques to identify the actual user’s interaction with the software or product…
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Software testing certification

Testing Certification Many people have different opinions about the various certification programs. And about the way of contents of these certifications are organized. As per my view, certifications are obviously good, and the reason is it provides you an option…
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